AGU 2015

Group highlights from AGU:

Former student Paul Hamilton gave an invited talk on, One-Dimensional Hydraulic Theory Applied to Experimental Subaqueous Fans with Supercritical Distributaries. Abstract EP14A-07.

Other group presentations

  • Inclusion of floc-driven settling velocity in a simple river mouth plume model and the effect on plume concentration and rate of deposition. Abstract EP21C-0931 (poster). by Strom, K. and Keyvani, A.
  • Localized Density Instabilities Driven By Interface Shear and Their Influence on Removal of Sediment from Buoyant Plumes. Abstract EP21C-0931 (poster), by Rouhnia, M. and Strom, K.
  • Estimation of Channel-Forming Discharge and Large-Event Geomorphic Response Using HEC-RAS. Abstract EP53A-0942, by Hamilton, P., Strom, K., and Hosseiny, H.

Session organization: Sources, Transport Processes, and Deposition/Storage of Fine-Grained and Cohesive Sediment: From Hillslopes to Oceans