EWRI 2016

We had a good time at the ASCE/EWRI 2016 World Environmental & Water Resources Congress in West Palm Beach this past May. It was good to see friends and collaborators and  meet new ones. It was also nice to see a strong showing of VT researchers from several different groups across campus. Talks made by members of our group included (bold is presenting author):
  • Wash Load Interaction with Gravel Beds. Authors: Christian Mooneyham and Kyle Strom
  • Modeling the role of sediment concentration and entrainment of ambient clearwater on the size of mud flocs in a turbulent river-mouth plume. Authors: Rachel Kuprenas and Kyle Strom
  • Initial Testing Of A Dual Activation and Deactivation Illumination System For Visualization Of Flow Using Phosphorescent Particles. Authors: Elizabeth Angel, Nolan Nicholas, and Kyle Strom (pdf slides; download here and open with Chrome for video)