AGU in New Orleans


While San Francisco is a great city, it was fun to go somewhere new for AGU this past December. Looking forward to the 2018 meeting being held in DC. Below is a list of presentations and sessions the group was involved with.


  •  EP21E-1879: A simple shear limited, single size, time dependent flocculation model; Rae Kuprenas, Duc Tran, and Kyle Strom
  •  EP21E-1892: How do floc characteristics change once they have deposited to a bed, and how, if at all, are they modified during re-entrainment? Duc Tran, Rachel Kuprenas, and Kyle Strom
  • EP41E-05: Particle-Resolving Simulations of Bedform Migration Over Different Hydraulic Conditions and Different Particle Shapes; Rui Sun, Heng Xiao, Kyle Strom, and Honglei Sun
  • EP51C-1653: Advances in the measurement of mud flocs within turbulent suspensions in both the laboratory and field; Kyle Strom, Duc Tran, and Brandon Dillon
  •  EP51C-1658: Advances in Field Deployable Instrumented Particles for the Study of Alluvial Transport Mechanisms; Brandon Dillon and Kyle Strom
  • EP53A-1669: The importance of sand in the formation of avulsion channels within experimental fans that develop from sediment mixtures of mud and sand; Nilay Iscen and Kyle Strom

Posters for some of these presentations can be found here:


EP53F: Physical Experiments of Earth Surface Processes: Novel Results and Advances in Methods, Instrumentation, and Data Handling.