Spring Graduates

Congratulations to Duc Tran, Rae Kuprenas, and Elizabeth Angel, who all completed their degrees this semester!

Duc Tran successfully defended is dissertation entitled, Experiments on the Transformation of Mud Flocs in Turbulent Suspensions, and will be moving to Vietnam to take up a faculty position there. He is planning to continue is work on cohesive sediment flocculation with a study on the Lower Mekong.

Rae Kuprenas’s thesis focused on, Improvements to the modeling of average floc size in turbulent suspensions of mud. The thesis outlines issues that arise when trying to model time-dependent floc sizes using the classic Winterwerp (1998) average floc size model and proposes modifications that allow for the model to be more generally used. She is moving to D.C. to teach middle school mathematics.

Elizabeth Angel just accepted a water resources position with a consulting firm in Atlanta and she will be moving there shortly to begin her engineering career.