TechGirls 2022

During the first half of July we were honored to host a summer school/camp for high school girls from all over the world as part of the U.S. Department of State, Legacy International, and Virginia Tech Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED) program called TechGirls; click here to see a video description. What a treat to get to work with all of these bright and energetic students! The students had the chance to pick from one of four different classes. Our class was entitled Exploring rivers and landscapes and the impacts of climate change and human activity through laboratory and field experiments. In the course students were exposed to the fluvial system, geomorphic concepts, and coding through a combination of field work, laboratory experiments, and data analysis projects in Python.

Kristin Chilton and Tom Ashley talking to students about the fluvial system as the girls prepared to make measurements and collect samples from the river.
Measuring cross sections and reach slope
Maureen Fuller explains how to use the large flume as the student prepare to run an experiment looking at how discharge, slope, bed roughness, and tailwater height influence the depth and velocity of water in the channel.
Taken from @thetechgirls
Presentations on the final day